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For the Time-Pressed Athlete

With the ThoraxTrainer you can realize a lot of benefit with even a small time investment. Just 10 minutes three times a week is enough to have a significant training impact on the whole body!  You can exercise, shower and get dressed in just 30 minutes!

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 Improve your endurance, core, cardio, stability, strength, power, and VO2 max

with just 3 sessions per week, 10-15 minutes per session!

ThoraxTrainer is for everyone!

For the Calorie Counter

ThoraxTrainer offer substantial calorie afterburn. You will continue to burn calories up to 48 hours after a workout!

For the Person Who Wants to Stay in Shape

Whether you are trying to stay in shape during the cold winter months, or want to cross-train in a way that minimizes the strain on knees, legs and feet, the ThoraxTrainer is your answer.

For the Serious Athlete / XC Skier / Triathlete

Designed by a world-class athlete/medical doctor, ThoraxTrainer offers an amazing cross training experience, as it improves your strength, endurance, core stability, coordination, technical skills and maximal oxygen uptake.  ThoraxTrainer helps reduce wear and tear on your knees, ankles and feet while still providing a maximum cardio workout.  Click here for more info on Cross-training with ThoraxTrainer. 

For the Injured Athlete

The ThoraxTrainer is the perfect tool for maintaining high level fitness while recovering from a lower body injury. Exercises can even be performed while sitting!



ThoraxTrainer™ is the most efficient exercise machine in the world!
Remarkably better results with less training and fewer injuries!