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How ThoraxTrainer™ Saved a College Soccer Dream 

A few days before her junior year, Danielle, a high school soccer player with college aspirations, stepped on something hard that damaged her plantar fascia ligament.  Not realizing the extent of the injury, she played through the pain for both her fall and spring soccer seasons.  When Danielle finally saw a doctor, she was ordered to eliminate all running and biking for two months.  The problem was, at the end of those two months she needed to be prepared for college recruiting camps. 

A friend came to Danielle’s rescue.  His parents had a fitness machine called a ThoraxTrainer™ from Denmark, their home country.  This equipment, he explained, exercises the core by simulating the natural upper body motions of cross-country skiing, the hardest sport in the world as measured by endurance and muscle involvement. The feet can remain stationary, which means there is no strain on the lower body. For two months Danielle visited her friend 3x per week and spent 20-25 minutes each time on the ThoraxTrainer™. 

When Danielle was finally given the green light to resume running, her first mile on the track was a surprising 6:59.  Her college tryout camps were successful, and today Danielle is a collegiate goaltender.

 Wanting to learn more about this unique and effective equipment, we bought one from Denmark and had it shipped over.  As both a core trainer and cross-trainer, this is quite simply the best.  By mixing ThoraxTrainer™ sessions with running or biking during the week, the results are amazing. Best of all, the wear and tear on the legs and feet is minimized.

We discovered that while ThoraxTrainer™ has been sold in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for nearly 8 years, it had no American distributors.  We were so impressed by the results from using ThoraxTrainer™ that we launched BTE (Best Training Ever) Fitness Group, Inc. to introduce this revolutionary machine to the American fitness market.

Chris Staffin

Co-Founder, BTE Fitness Group, Inc.

ThoraxTrainer™ HISTORY

ThoraxTrainer Ltd. was founded in 2008 by two passionate cross-

country skiers, both with elite sports careers in triathlon and cross-country skiing.  As a medical doctor and engineer respectively, they saw an opportunity to bring the world's toughest sport – Nordic skiing – indoors by building a Nordic skiing ergometer that imitated cross country skiing.  They used their knowledge of training and skiing to build the first ski ergometer in the world that realistically could imitate Nordic skiing.

The first prototypes of the skiing ergometer were sold to the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Olympic training centres for Nordic skiing and Triathlon. Consequently, the fitness industry and others with no background in Nordic skiing began to show an interest in the ThoraxTrainer™ exercise machines due to the unique and highly effective training method.

The passionate approach to develop the world’s best training machine continues, and all employees at ThoraxTrainer™ exercise themselves actively on the machines to provide input to the continuous development of training and concepts.

Every ThoraxTrainer™ is built with great passion for quality to offer the world’s best training concept.