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Strength is a combination of two things: Muscle mass and muscle recruitment.  You can improve your strength by building more muscles through training and by improving your ability to recruit or activate the muscles you already have.  ThoraxTrainer will improve your strength in specific muscles groups and throughout your whole body through an increased recruitment of your muscles. This means that you will get a lean athletic muscle structure rather than a bodybuilder muscle structure. 


The heart is the most important muscle in your body.  It works 24 hours a day for your whole life and needs to be exercised in various ways to stay healthy and strong. The versatile training offered by ThoraxTrainer is the perfect way to improve the power of your heart. When using ThoraxTrainer, you will create an enormous demand for oxygen and blood circulation in your body. Because circulation is controlled by the heart, your heart muscle will become stronger and more efficient. The HIT interval training is especially geared toward this objective.


The more oxygen the body can take up, the better shape you are in. Oxygen is necessary for your muscles to work. The maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2 max, is defined by liters of oxygen per minute per kilo of body mass. The higher the better.

Nordic skiing is at the top of the list when it comes to VO2 max because you engage all your muscles in an upright position working at a very high heart rate. ThoraxTrainer will give you exactly the same conditions (minus the freezing cold weather), and within a very short time, you will get a significant improvement in your VO2 max. Because the movements in 
ThoraxTrainer are simple, and there are no outside disturbances, you can pace yourself at extremely high heart rate levels, working close to max. This will improve your VO2 max like nothing else!


Stability and balance are necessary to walk, run, jump and cope with daily life as humans. Core strength is the basis of stability and balance. From the versatile exercises on ThoraxTrainer, especially the “one leg” exercises, you will gain a unique stability and coordination training that will quickly improve your balance.


Your core muscles are crucial to functionally connect your upper and lower body. ThoraxTrainer has a unique impact on your outer and deeper core muscles. All the exercises on ThoraxTrainer will engage your core muscles: as you move the poles horizontally, you must activate your core muscles to maintain your balance. Improved core strength can improve posture and reduce back problems.


Your ability to generate a lot of power over a short time takes more than many people realize.  When going as hard as possible for 10 to 12 seconds on ThoraxTrainer, your brain has to coordinate and activate almost every muscle in your body at the same time.  It takes a large amount of concentration, but it will improve your ability to create a lot of power because your brain is exercised to engage and coordinate all the muscles of your body at once. 


What makes ThoraxTrainer so special? 

We interviewed co-inventor Dr. Ulrich Ghisler, MD, former elite skier and triathlete and Danish national team coach in Cross-Country skiing and triathlon.  His dedication to improve and optimize body performance and mental skills is the core and basis of all our training programs and concepts. Here is what Dr. Ghisler has to say about the seven main benefits of ThoraxTrainer:


Through its high impact on your heart, muscles and oxygen uptake, ThoraxTrainer will quickly improve your overall body endurance in almost any athletic activity you do – running, cycling, swimming, skiing, golfing, walking, etc.