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Cross Training with ThoraxTrainer

SWIMMING:ThoraxTrainer imitates the movements of swimming, but you get far more resistance than in the water. You increase your core stability, strength and endurance faster than training in the water. This leads to more power in your stroke and a better position in the water.

CYCLING:ThoraxTrainer is designed so that for each pole stroke, you must push with your legs with the same power as you do with your arms and upper body. It provides a highly efficient endurance strength training of the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings, resulting in increased power on the pedals.

RUNNING:With ThoraxTrainer you train your core, leg muscles and the muscles under your feet. This will give you an enhanced “bounce” in every stride because your core absorbs the shock (impact) from the ground. This gives you increased speed and better running technique.

Because it minimizes the strain on knees, legs and feet, the ThoraxTrainer is the perfect cross training solution.  Whether you are a triathlete, an in-season athlete, or are just trying to stay in shape during the cold winter months, ThoraxTrainer is your answer!