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ThoraxTrainer is a great fitness for senior citizens. The easy “walk in” construction of the the ThoraxTrainer and the simple natural movements of its exercises are perfect for those with balance disturbances and those who are not able to walk, bike or run easily.  The exceptional core, balance and stability training offered by the ThoraxTrainer will help senior citizens improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling.  


ThoraxTrainer is an excellent training tool for wheelchair users, amputees, the visually impaired and people suffering from other disabilities. From a seated position on a bench or chair, wheelchair users can use both the diagonal and double poling techniques, getting a unique cardiovascular and strengthening exercise of their upper body. The blind and visually impaired are able to train alone in a safe environment.​

The ThoraxTrainer is used by physiotherapists during treatment and rehabilitation of many different patient groups.  Recovering athletes, pre and post-surgery patients, and people with ankle, knee, hip-joint, shoulder, hamstring and other injuries can all use ThoraxTrainer to improve or maintain their fitness during their recovery.

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