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The ThoraxTrainer has been used in research projects in 9 universities throughout Europe. Studies have included metabolic effects, physiological outcomes and rehabilitation improvements from the whole body functional workouts performed with the ThoraxTrainer.

Research Project with Senior Citizens 

The 5K Project

This study involved 6 runners. Each ran a 5K before ever using the ThoraxTrainer. The runners then eliminated all running from their workouts and replaced it with 3 ThoraxTrainer workous per week for 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks (12 workouts), each runner ran another 5K.

Average 5K time improvement = 35 SECONDS!

Fitness Project with industrial workers in Germany


For case studies involving triathletes, visit our Triathlete tab or click here. 

Research with the Danish Military

A research project was conducted during October-December 2014 with employees at three large German industrial companies: Ford, Opeland and Thyssenkrupp.

48 participated: 18 women, 30 men between the ages of 15 and 70. The employees trained 2 x 6 minutes a week for 8 weeks (HIT training) for a total of 1:36 hours of training on the ThoraxTrainer.

The bar graph to the right illustrates the % improvement in six different fitness areas.